Customs agency in Hamburg
Fiscal  representation  office

We possess the necessary permits and customs guarantees that enable us to optimally conduct transit throghout the entire European Union.

If you wish for goods that have arrived by ship at Hamburg to reach another EU country duty-unpaid - we will carry out T1 transit clearance, and the goods will be transported in transit to their final destination.

If goods that have arrived at Hamburg by ship are to be subject to the final customs procedure only after reaching a Customs Office within the territory other EU country, then these goods must be subject to transit clearance in Hamburg. 

Our software has access to the NCTS (New Computerized Transit System), witch is currently applied in all EU countries, as well as in Switzerland und Norway. An enormous advantage of thies system is fact that information concerning the arrival of goods at destination and the conclusion of the procedure are transmitted electronically. Thanks to this, transit clearance is much quicker and easier. NCTS can be used to both issue and close T1 and T2 documents.

We offer:

  •  Transit clearance with the application of the NCTS System

  • Securing of customs and tax receivables for the time of transport throught the entire European Union
  • T1 transit customs